How to Maintain Your Yoga Flow Amidst the Holidays

We reap the benefits of our yoga practice in our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies on a daily basis. The beauty of practicing a yoga flow is almost immediate. However, when life gets busy, extended family visits, kids are out of school, and unexpected circumstances arise, maintaining your daily yoga practice may be tested. 

Let’s take a closer look at what you can do to ensure you still tend to your mind, body, and spirit connection during the holiday festivities.

Carve Out Time for Your Yoga Flow During the Holidays

Have you ever skipped your practice for a day, week, or months on end? You may recall that sluggish, less-sharp-than-usual feeling. That’s what tends to happen when the body is no longer moving energy through how it used to. 

Many people who commit themselves to a yoga practice do just that – commit to practicing when they experience first-hand the amazing health benefits. With that in mind, here are some tips for maintaining your flow!

Set Healthy Boundaries

During the holiday season, we encourage creating a boundary with yourself to practice daily or weekly. If a whole hour in the morning is no longer doable because presents are being opened or guests need tending, try doing 20 minutes instead. 

Moreover, you can try splitting up an hour’s practice into different parts of your day or days in your week. The idea here is to be flexible with your practice during the festivities to ensure you don’t stop from practicing altogether.

Practice with Your Family

Yoga is often a very personal practice you do alone in silence or guided by a teacher. But have you considered inviting your family to practice flowing with you? Of course, a yoga flow is different when you’re practicing with people. However, this is a great way to stick to your goals and boundaries. Plus, the joy of practicing may bring everyone more much-needed calm, relaxation, and happiness to the chaos of the holidays.

Try taking a YouTube class together or go through some simple deep breathing. Remember that how you show up to the mat is often a reflection of how you show up to everyday life. So, carving out time for yourself and inviting your family into that time may enhance how present and joyful you can be with your loved ones during this holiday season.

Commit to a Morning Yoga Flow

If you’re a more seasoned yogi, then perhaps practicing yoga with the whole family won’t feel great for you. If that’s the case, try committing to waking up early and practicing a solo morning yoga flow. A whole hour just to yourself at dawn or dusk when everyone is asleep, and the house feels still, is a beautiful way to ease into the day. 

Of course, waking up early may require some sacrifice of sleep on your part, but your body and spirit will thank you later. Give it a try!

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