Jingle All the Way to Pilates: Staying Centered During the Holiday Rush

The best (and busiest) time of the year is here! For many, this means more social activities, work commitments, shopping, cooking, and time spent with loved ones. While the holidays are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate with family and friends, it’s important not to abandon your pilates classes and workout schedule instead of social gatherings and work events. 

If you’re stressed about fitting everything into December, we’re here to provide peace of mind. It’s entirely possible to prioritize your physical (and mental) health while reuniting with loved ones, traveling, and completing your regular responsibilities. 

It takes some mindfulness and focus, but here’s how to get it done. 

Incorporating Pilates Exercises into Your Daily Routine

If you know you’ll be too busy to step away and attend many pilates classes this season, it’s time to incorporate pilates on your own terms and your own schedule. 

Carve out dedicated time slots each day to complete some exercises, meditate, and continue with your day. Here’s how to prioritize movement daily to feel more prepared to handle the holidays and enjoy yourself. 

Block Off Your Calendar

If you thrive off a daily calendar at work, block off chunks of time where you can get away from your monitor, stretch, and get some movement in. Turn your phone on Airplane mode, get your favorite playlist on the speakers, and create the vibe you need to feel relaxed and focused on movement. 

Set Strong Intentions

Most of us set lofty goals each week, but setting a daily intention can make a world of difference. You’ve got your workout blocked off; now focus on what you want to achieve or how you want to feel after. 

It’s not always about getting sweaty or out of breath; pilates focuses on trusting your body through guided movements and the victory you feel afterward. 

Work Out More Often For Less Time

The length of pilates classes is often why we can’t find the time to get away. However, in the comfort of your home or office, it’s easy to roll out your mat and exercise between work calls, while the baby is asleep, or while dinner is in the oven. 

Ten minutes of movement once or twice a day can significantly affect your mental state during this chaotic (but memorable) time of year.

Traveling This Season? Find a Pilates Class in Any City

The physical benefits of pilates are impressive, but the mental benefits are the ones you will likely feel more than ever during this month. 

The social demands of the holidays can be overwhelming and stressful, especially if you’re traveling with family. Pilates is known to lower stress and anxiety, improve mental focus, and improve sleep habits. 

If you need this kind of support over the holidays, don’t hesitate to find a pilates class wherever you spend time. Whether you try out a local studio by recommendation or use your ClassPass membership to find a class, you won’t ever regret moving your body and caring for your mental well-being.

Practice Pilates in Style with Solely Fit Activewear

Wherever you’re spending the holiday season, there’s no better way to find motivation to work out than with stylish and empowering activewear and athleisure. 

At Solely Fit, we aim to inspire women to be bold and beautiful, whether hitting the gym, running errands, at home with kids, or out on the town. Shop our selection of tanks and crops for the perfect transition piece from Pilates to grocery shopping to dinner with girlfriends.

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