New to Hot Yoga? Essential Things You Should Know

Starting any new workout class can be intimidating, and being prepared is the best way to show up confident and ready to succeed. This rings true for hot yoga. Whether you’ve taken a standard yoga class in the past or you’re a newbie, don’t stress. The instructor will help guide you through the class and answer any questions you have. 

You should know a few things before going to your first hot yoga class. Let’s break them all down here! 

What is Hot Yoga & How to Prepare

Hot yoga is a type of yoga class performed in a studio in temperatures ranging from 90 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit. Bikram, for example, is a popular type of hot yoga, where temperatures reach 105 with added humidity for an extra boost of sweat! 

Here's what you should do to prepare for your upcoming hot yoga class. 

Drink Water

Take water consumption seriously leading up to a hot yoga class. In doing so, you’ll avoid getting lightheaded or breathless during class. You’ll be sweating a lot during class, and your body needs replenishment throughout, so be sure to bring plenty of water to drink. 

Dress Mindfully

Plan your outfit intentionally by opting for light, breathable fabrics that won’t make you hot or uncomfortable. Most women wear shorts or leggings with a lightweight tank top or sports bra to stay cool. 

Things to Avoid

Avoid drinking soda and coffee before class, as they can dehydrate your body and cause discomfort. Don’t eat a big meal before attending a class either—this may cause you to feel bloated or slow-moving. 

Wear your regular deodorant, but avoid any perfumes or lotions before class. Everyone will be sweating as much as you are, and the mixture of so many fragrances can be overwhelming and distracting for all attendees. 

Hot Yoga Benefits & Rewards

There’s a reason hot yoga is one of the most popular forms of exercise. Not only is it physically and mentally challenging and rewarding, but it has tons of health benefits as well. Let’s discover what those are in this section. 

Increases Flexibility 

At its core, yoga focuses on stretching and elongating the body's muscles. 

In hot yoga, the temperature in the room keeps pretty toasty (up to 108 degrees!), which warms up the muscles much faster and improves the body’s range of motion. You’ll also enjoy less risk of injury or muscle strain in hot yoga classes. 

Decreases Stress

It’s well-known that yoga has powerful effects on mood, stress relief, and anxiety. As you emphasize your breathing in a hot yoga class, you’ll learn to focus on calmness, mindfulness, and self-compassion.

Improves Heart Health

As you sweat in a hot yoga class, your body lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) levels and even improves glucose intolerance. Regular hot yoga can improve your cardiovascular health in the short and long term. 

Burns Calories

Hot yoga provides a great burn! In a 90-minute session, you can expect to burn around 400 calories (or more) depending on the temperature in the room and the movements you’re performing. 

If weight loss is one of your fitness goals, hot yoga is a fantastic choice to add to your weekly workout routine. 

Get Your Sweat On In Style with Solely Fit

Not sure what you should be wearing to a hot yoga class? We’ve got you covered. In addition to biker shorts or leggings, you’ll want a form-fitting sports bra that holds you in, keeps you comfortable, and is powerfully sweat-wicking. 

Shop our light, breathable tops and bottoms today and walk into your hot yoga class with confidence and style.

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