What to Wear to Your Pilates Reformer Class

Just signed up for your first pilates reformer class and aren’t sure what to wear to look the part? We’ve got you! Attending a new workout class can be intimidating, no matter how fit you may be. We applaud you for trying new things and prioritizing your physical health. 

Let’s break down the best fabrics and clothing choices for a pilates reformer class. This way, you’ll arrive in style, feel confident, and crush your workout. 

Opt for Comfortable Fabrics for a Pilates Class 

It’s no secret that you’ll work up a sweat in pilates! The reformer is no joke, and instructors design classes that are challenging both physically and mentally. 

To prepare for the heat, choose light, breathable fabrics that wick away sweat and keep you cool and comfortable throughout your workout. Look for clothing made from fabrics like:

  • Spandex
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Cotton
  • Bamboo

Most of these fabrics are water and sweat-resistant, stretchy, and form-fitting. They’re also odor-resistant and lightweight. Nobody wants to feel like they’re wearing heavy, bulky clothing during a workout. So, reach for light fabrics that are soft and gentle against your skin. 

What to Wear to Pilates 

Overwhelmed by what type of pilates gear you’ll need for a class? Don’t be! Fortunately, most typical workout gear works perfectly fine in a Pilates reformer class. Let’s break down our most recommended outfit by each piece. 

Leggings or Bike Shorts

Your bottoms should be form-fitting but comfortable for all the movements on the Reformer bed. Think form meets function — what bottoms do you typically wear to the gym or on a walk? High-waisted bottoms are ideal for reformer work, as they don’t ride up or cause any discomfort. 

More of a bike-short kind of gal? Biker shorts are sporty and flattering and look amazing on any body type. If you plan to be outside after your class, biker shorts are a great choice to keep you cool all day long. 

Tank Tops or Long Sleeves (or both!)

You’ll want a light, breathable top for any pilates reformer class. Whether you’re in leggings or shorts, your workout top should be moisture-wicking and cool-drying to keep you at a comfortable temperature as you get your sweat on. 

We love a cropped V-neck or a basic tank. Both options are cooling, trendy, and can be worn out of the studio for the rest of your day, whether you’re jumping on Zoom calls, chasing your kids around, or going to school.

Remember that the studio may be chilly and can take a minute to warm up. Many choose to layer a tank or crop top over a long-sleeved top for the first part of the class and to throw on after.  

Athleisure Onesie

We love the look of a workout onesie for convenience, style, and a touch of sophistication. Whether running errands after class or simply wanting a comfortable one-piece option, a classic onesie is a fabulous and functional choice. 

Whether you’re looking for a shorts onesie or jumpsuit, onesies are an easy way to look polished, put together, and ready for anything. Toss on a cropped jacket to complete the look, and you’ll be ready for anything the day brings post-workout. 


Extra-grip socks are essential to your pilates outfit—the grippier, the better! Some exercises and movements you'll perform on the Reformer bed require traction, so grip socks are a must-have. 

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